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Company Culture


Company CultureThere's been unending business press about corporate Integrity or the possible lack of Integrity among a few companies which have not been responsible stewards associated with shareholder and investor wealth. At BINQ we think that Integrity is critical to the success from the Company. Integrity is not just the duty of the CEO and the actual senior corporate executives alone. It's the responsibility of every employee. Every employee has a individual code of conduct in his / her life that reflects that individuals individual values, society's influences and/or governmental regulation. We all know what acting with Integrity is about, and must act that method.

BINQ fosters a lifestyle of Integrity. We must be a spot to work where people do the right things since they're responsible and honest. Every employee is encouraged to reside this value at work. With Integrity there's trust, and nothing should give up this commitment to Integrity. The stockholders, co-workers, customers and providers expect and deserve such faithfulness.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

BINQ believes that the company's conduct and its reputation are among its best assets. It sets the tone for that relationships that a company enjoys using its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the communities by which it operates, the public in particular and its competitors. BINQ is devoted to the practice of good integrity and conduct among its officials, directors and employees. This dedication has many aspects, including staying away from conflicts of interest, maintaining discretion of information, ensuring compliance along with laws, fostering a work environment of mutual respect, properly using company assets as well as observing accounting and control procedures to make sure accurate recording, dissemination and confirming of information.

The ethical behavior of BINQ and it is employees takes precedence over earnings, sales or other standards associated with success. We believe that ethical conduct isn't just right, but also will lead to success for BINQ.

BINQ provides all of its employees having a Code of Ethics and Conduct (the Code) which pertains to BINQ's employees worldwide and reflects our expectation that our employees act at all times inside a responsible, legal and ethical method. A copy of the Code are available under the Corporate Governance part of the Investors section of this site. The Code represents the core in our business philosophy and values. Our commitment towards the highest standards of integrity begins with making certain everyone across BINQ understands the core values. These values define the way you conduct ourselves, both as employees so that as decision-makers. All officers, directors and employees from the Company are expected to carefully read and stick to the policies set forth within the Code.

Product Safety

BINQ is devoted to designing, manufacturing and selling secure products. All BINQ products have to be designed and manufactured in compliance using the standards and regulations for markets by which they are sold and/or utilized. It is essential that all employees be devoted to fulfilling this mission. It is really a goal of all BINQ employees to improve the safety of customers along with other product users by producing secure products. To accomplish this, each employee is needed to perform all work relating in order to BINQ products with complete ethics, diligence, and care.

Each in our business units is primarily accountable for designing, manufacturing and selling secure products. BINQ also has a team focused on product safety consisting of the Director of Product Safety along with other product safety engineers. The Product Safety Team accounts for ensuring that the BINQ item safety commitment is followed which all product safety issues associated with our products are addressed. The merchandise Safety Team has the expert to cause changes in design to enhance the safe use of our products and also to direct product campaigns, retrofits as well as recalls when necessary.

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