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BINQ since the world's leading global manufacturer associated with crushing and grinding equipment, we offer advanced, applicable to any demand reduction of how big a reasonable solution, including quarries, combination, grinding production and complete models of plans. We also provide crusher, mill individuals, as well as spare parts on their behalf.

BINQ provides rock digesting equipment, to support the building, mining and recycling industry. The business's know-how and bold new systems bring long-term, common development, can make our machines in crushing, milling and sieving world leader within technology.

We offer pre-engineered and customized designed equipment in many sizes which can be track mounted, tyre type or even stationary.

Our Factory

The BINQ Crushing Machines Process in 3-D Drawings

Crushing Machines 3D
This really is our crawlers manufacturing mobile mashing equipment production line in 3-D drawing rendered types of deterioration. A 3-D drawing with every the main Assembly process, we can understand, how it works, as well as directly in the drawing.


our Fabrication Department the hearbeat
We think that our factories manufacturing hearbeat, since it sets all the production actions. This is the physical production process actually begins.

Here, each one of the parts and components, we have designs from prefarication is fabricated to produce pieces. These parts and elements, and then distributed throughout the actual factory entered their respective devices.

Manufacturing process need to become precise, because we do lots of parts are very complex.


welding is done in our factory-from
Nearly every type of welding is within our factory from custom deputies in order to automatic welding robot welding procedures.

Most of our little component welded, all handmade, had been done here. Some large welded items also raised here, although they're usually the whole factory completed.


built according to standardized designs
At this stage, all the pieces, parts, components, weld assembled in our various products. It is worth mentioning some order at the time of construction, customer and application specifications, establishing a standards-compliant design.

Many different techniques from the handword, with advanced technology play a role in the final assembly phase.

As an example, consider how our crawler mobile crushing plants are put together.

Quality Assurance

quality assurance is treated as a critical concern
BINQ, we are extremely proud of our work. For this reason quality assurance has been regarded as by us every step from the manufacturing process of the crucial issues, start to finish.

A testing area is made for all processing projects, and from each stage of production collection inspections.

The final step involves the standard assurance Manager, who see this, every thoroughly check the functionality from the machine.

Final Paint

we do the final assembly
We found it easier to paint before our machines, we make the final Assembly, instead of vice versa.

Each machine or components only after they have been washed into the paint booth. All paintings are completed by hand.

Operations Testing

Operations Testing
Following final painting, each machine with regard to testing, to ensure that every machine inside a good performance, and then had been shipped. In essence, this is really a final quality assurance check, which operators confirm the performance from the machines in operation at just about all levels right.

Parts & Customer Service

Parts & Customer Service
The organization pursues high standards of production product. In 2005, all items have passed the ISO9001: 2000 high quality system certification. In 2007, the ruthless overhang roll mill and Super pressure trapezium grinding with the CE certification, to enter the actual European market.

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