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primary gyratory crusher

BINQ's primary gyratory crushers are mainly metal ore, copper ore, and other materials design of pulverization and it is extensive milling and manufacturing technology and run based on experience.

What this means is ensuring that the right chew size control of feed recycleables and products. This also means that greater allowance to guarantee the successful mass was crushed. Additional, emissions under settings can sustain the whole mantle and the life associated with concave lining.

Innovative design of small by BINQ Primary Gyratory Crusher offers the additional benefits of "saddle" as well as jumping or sliding spindle for that elimination. Innovation and ability to work, can provide a better finish product of scale control, Crusher operate relatively small, from our rivals, minimizes fine broken during the production run of similar items. BINQ gyratory Crusher also uses a cutting-edge design in primary school, concave liner provides a number of benefits of using the procedure and maintenance.

Binq primary crushing machine is probably the most distinctive feature is a chance to do wet primary crushing. Kawasaki offers mastery of technology, combined with considerable amounts of water to their primary gyratory crusher, realizing wet program broken. Follow this route, simultaneously crushing, washing can be main crushing stages. Depending on the problem to be addressed and/or company philosophy, is the same machine which you can use normal drying treatment.

Different modules may be used for all the primary fragmentation associated with duties. The desired selection is dependant on inherent material properties of crusher, disk feed particle size distribution, capability and mechanical factors.

Primary Gyratory Crushers Secondary Crusher

This particular development of BINQ Secondary Gyratory Crushers is dependant on the need to use a machine having a high lowering ratio, typically to process the merchandise of a primary crusher as feed material straight to what would generally be expected just like a product from a tertiary crusher from high production rates. Binq mining equipment Gyratory Crushers Screens available to India, United States, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa and other nations.

Primary Gyratory Crushers Specification

Model CG650 CG82 CG840 CG850 CG880
REFERENC 46-71 54-75 61-96 61-106 65-119
WEIGHT TONNE 181 276 451 523 748
FEED OPENING mm (INCH) 1150 x 3170 (45 x 125) 1350 x 3350 (53 x 132) 1550 x 4140 (61 x 163) 1550 x 4140 (61 x 163) 1650 x 4410 (65 x 174)
MAXMIMUMFEED SIZE mm (INCH) 800 x 1100 x 1600 (31 x 43 x 63) 950 x 1300 x 1900 (37 x 51 x 75) 1050 x 1500 x 2100 (41 x 59 x 83) 1050 x 1500 x 2100 (41 x 59 x 83) 1130 x 1600 x 2260 (44 x 63 x 89)
HORIZONTAL SHAFT, RPM 460 440 430 420 410
MOTOR, kW 375 450 600 800 1100
OPEN SIDE SETTING mm (INCH) 105-190 (4.1 x 7.5) 105-190 (4.1 x 7.5) 150-260 (5.9 x 10.2) 180-290 (7.1 x 11.4) 200-305 (7.9 x 12.0)
CAPACITY RANGE, TONNES/HOUR 1140-2430 1730-3620 2750-5420 4170-7750 6160-10940

Note: The only reference this specification, any changes are subject to the primary gyratory crushers screens products.

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