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One milling machine manufacturer on the planet, BINQ deveopped and manufacturing the actual MXB Spall coarse powder generator factory. As a new high-tech milling mill, the roughing mill of coarse powder needed to meet customer's requirements. Taking into consideration the recommendations and requirements from the customers at home and overseas, by the rough mill grinder manufacturer soybean meal is fantastic for mining and milling machine to change Raymond mill, ball mill along with other traditional mill production.

Like a high efficiency milling machine, MXB utes roughing mill, widely used within quartz sand, silica sand, rough aggregate sizes, Foundry sand, mud and grit, and other business applications. Because it is a closed production line made up of rough mill can produce various specifications from the products better results. If the grinding is needed the price information, please contact us anytime. We will provide you most abundant in suitable for milling machines as well as services.

    Coarse Powder Mill Features

  • High effectiveness mill roughing mill is lengthier than Raymond and wear-resistant materials life;
  • This machine may be used as pre-pre-grinding mill, you can boost the efficiency of ball mill 50% gear;
  • The milling by milling mill, the final product may be used in the manufacture of refractory stones, cement bricks, blocks, and additional new construction materials;
  • This dinner is efficient desulphurization equipment within power plants. The plant could be ground into a fine powder ground calcium carbonate on the millimeter, desulfurization effect less great;
  • Milling machine is mainly employed for crushing various non-flammable and non-explosive Mohs hardness of under nine machining of brittle supplies.

Coarse Powder Mill Specifications

Model MXB904  
Number of Roller 4(piece)  
Maximum Feeding Grain Size <30 mm (Hard Material)<20mm
Open Circuit finished sized 70 – 90 % < 2 mm Adjustable, reference Instruction below
Open System Capacity 8 – 15 t/h Be involved with the average size and hardness of the feeding
Main Motor Powder 37 – 45 KW Fines, Low production with small motor
Main Motor Model Y225-4 45KW
Elevator Power 3X1.1 KW  
Contour (LXWXH) 2.01X2.03X2.79(m) Including main motor gear box main unit
Maximum Lifting weight of Single Piece 4.81 Refer to the individual pieces can not be disconnected
Cross Weight (Except Electric) 13.71  

Note: The only reference this specification, any changes are subject to the Coarse Powder Mill products.

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