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Vertical Roller Mill

Synthesis associated with unit a unit of Vertical roller mill, factory layout had been simplified, drying and crushing as well as separation processes. And because this runs in low-noise, outdoor set up is feasible-and significantly reduce building costs, improve the working atmosphere.

Long vertical mill can fully fulfill the customer in the production associated with high, the main technical and economic indexes as much as international standards requirements, and having a solid structure and a sensible process flow, high grinding capability and low energy consumption.

Vertical roller mill Application

Vertical mill is dependant on the domestic and foreign sophisticated technology, combined with production encounter in grinding machine. Vertical grinding machine is definitely an ideal device, integrated crushing, drying out, grinding, grading transport together. Vertical mill is grinding mill and Redmond since the ideal alternative to traditional, ruthless suspension grinding mill, ball generator, it is a fine milling and materials, including classification, although not limited to the solution associated with calcium carbonate, Ore Grinding, dolomite, talcum powder, bentonite, barite, petroleum, coke, lime scale and gypsum.

Vertical roller mill used in cement grinding plant and Coal

Usually, using ball mill grinding concrete clinker in cement plant as well as gypsum, now made a up and down roller mill is compact, effective way. Rotation of the clinker and the plaster is on the floor, according to the large rollers enable. Material is forced to turn off of centrifugal force, which is then directly within the air swept into a category scheme. As the ball, the actual material is too coarse milling returns additional table, and materials are adequate products are collected. Compact design allows it to complete a vertical roller mill, grinding and classification of devices and all the pictures have been in a relatively compact space. Up and down roller mill technology allowing: (1) energy consumption savings, and (2) stable product quality and (3) simplifies the procedure.

Vertical roller mill Technical Data

Model LM130K LM150K LM170K LM190K LM220K LM240K
Rotate Median Diameter (mm) 1300 1500 1700 1900 2200 2400
Capacity ( t/h) 10~30 13~40 18~57 23~72 36~114 41~128
Product Size mm 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45
mm 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325
Moisture ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1%
Max Feeding Size ( mm) <38 <40 <42 <45 <50 <55
Moisture of Feeding Material <4% <4% <4% <4% <4% <4%
Moisture Should Be Dry <15% <15% <15% <15% <15% <15%
Temperature of Inlet (℃) <350 <350 <350 <350 <350 <350
Temperature of Outlet (℃) 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95
Power of Main Motor(kW) 185~220 250~280 355~400 450~500 710~800 800~900
Overall Dimension Length(mm) 3500 4200 4700 8500 10200 11700
Width(mm) 3400 3900 4500 5600 6700 7700
Height (mm) 5800 7100 8300 8800 10600 12200
Weight (t) 48 75 90 100 125 160

Note: The only reference this specification, any changes are subject to the Vertical roller mill products.

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