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Aluminum Ore

Aluminum mining Processing in South Africa

Aluminum may be the most abundant crustal metals, it is often as compounds are present in a number of rocks or minerals in typical, such as feldspar, mica, kaolinite, bauxite, alum rock.

Aluminum ore crusher for Aluminum production processes

Just about all countries are using bauxite manufacturing of alumina, bauxite reserves from the richest countries are Guinea, Sydney, Brazil, Jamaica, India and A holiday in greece.

Not the same as other metal ores, bauxite does not require complicated processing and mining of bauxite is acceptable taste the majority of the small number of parts to enhance quality through the dressing, we are able to provide wet sieving method to get rid of impurities and cyclone.

The company produced Aluminum ore crusher especially for bauxite production and processing, could be efficient completion of bauxite mashing, screening, cleaning process, the process in general to make use of the broken jaw crusher for the very first time broken, because the jaw crusher give food to size large crushing ratio, after which use the ball mill with regard to grinding, if the ore hardness is too big, you can choose to make use of the cone crusher, but requires reduced water content materials.

The engineers improve some shortcomings in our machines after in learning , machines along with other mining companies, we are now Crusher products reach international waters, in South The united states, Africa, Middle East, Australia along with other regions have good user organizations. We in India, Nigeria, Southern Africa, Pakistan, Dubai and other countries possess a special office set up to facilitate customer support.

The application of Aluminum:

  • Aluminum alloy for the manufacture of aircraft, cars and rockets;
  • For the production of cable, can withstand high voltage;
  • For smelting other metals;
  • Made of aluminum foil, for packaging;
  • For corrosion-resistant materials;

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