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Calcination Gypsum Process

jaw crusher in Calcination Gypsum Process

Gypsum is widely used, a common such as industrial materials, construction materials, model making, food additives and paint filler etc.

calcination of gypsum is a common way in the gypsum processing process, the process is generally as follows : Gypsum raw material warehouse→vibrating screen→Autoclave autoclaved and dried→crushing and grinding→Homogenization and storage→ mixing of a-plaster and β-plaster→package and transportation.

Our main products for example jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher may be used to broken gypsum, they are typical processing equipment for gypsum. If you want to grinding gypsum into a natural powder, you can choose our milling machine, such as Raymond generator, vertical mill, ball mill, and so on.

We offer a complete spectrum of engineering services, including testing, process design, installation, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and continuous lifetime product support services.

Continuous gypsum calcination process

  • 1. Constant gypsum plaster calcined fine natural powder calcined kettle device, including within said kettle fever materials indicates, refers to the continuous giving said, gesso said kettle, as well as overflow emissions from internal straight through open, on the walls, said half of them stated kettle import continuous feeding said that there is a closed gesso slot, Lin extending down a container and overflow emissions than near to the bottom of the lowest exoteric degree slide says a about 1 percent of cross-sectional area pot, total sectional area in area, said said, gypsum and parachute kettle below the underside of the fully opened through the crowds said, discharging mouth flood.
  • 2. Device, claim 1, including kettle defined within the wall, a base and stated roof, and said, closed roof disk, and extends to the trough between through space towards the horizon it through said roof at the end of the extended says flood emissions opening.
  • 3. Instruments that defines rights request 1 likewise incorporate measuring method after calcining stated overflow emissions opens the materials temperature, control of heating through exhaust temperature change method within said.
  • 4. Device, which defines the claim of 4, said imported means, including preserve a unified gesso continuous giving expressed canteen.
  • 5. Pre burn off gesso including heating fine stress of gypsum massive ground heat enough to conversion process stated half water gesso, keeps the calcium sulfate still supply gesso sharply said, allowing injected kettle calcined sharply within the continuous flow of quality eduction, top gesso said orally, from say kettle overflow, specifically one largely unchanged gesso calcining level keep talking kettle, say, gesso supply kettle via a closed said is through broadened the fed kettle chute it's top, Lin an area close to the bottom of its quality compared to peak, but completely below the very best surface gypsum plaster quality talked and said a slot, said the entire section about 1 % sectional region, said in the surface of the caliber of the kettle said, gypsum.
  • 6. Based on claim 1 process, including gesso calcining stated, quality is by at least one blade inside a vertical axis rotation kettle, and expressed in closed uneasy thattheir extends the road of slot on closely impeller stated.
  • 7. According to claim 1 included in this, the application process is inversely proportional towards the heat changes, said the quality is within increasing and reduce emissions based on the calcined gesso temperature measurement stated.

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