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Perlite Introduction

Crusher Equipment in Perlite Production Line

Perlite is really a volcanic eruption of acidic lava, formed by rapid cooling from the vitrified rock, because of their own pearl, named after the break. Perlite raw sand by fine grinding may be used for rubber products, pigments, paints, inks, artificial glass, bakelite insulation and some mechanical components and equipment for that filler.

Perlite Crushing and Grinding Equipment used in Quarry plant

Milling machine may be the main process of perlite digesting equipment, the main mill tend to be Raymond Mill, High Pressure Suspension Grinder, ruthless micro powder mill, etc., the actual material fineness of 30 nylon uppers to 2500. Before the generator, to be equipped with jaw crusher towards the ore crusher. Jaw Crusher is mainly used for a number of ores and medium-size crushing bulk materials can be only 320Mpa breaking strength of supplies, it points to break each coarse and fine broken, and it is size is 125mm ~ giving 750mm, is the first option for primary crushing equipment.

Perlite Production Line Manufacturer

We when confronted with fierce market competition situation, ought to be the pursuit of quality rather compared to price, to strengthen management, enhance mineral utilization, reduce consumption, keep costs down and accelerate its own improvement. By the vibrating feeder, mouth crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, milling devices, vibrating screen and other equipment from the production lines for various ore beneficiation procedure, the greater level of development and utilization of Perlite ore.

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