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Slate Introduction and Application

Crusher machine in slate production line

Slate in the clay, silty tuffaceous sedimentary rocks or within the acidic rocks, tuff formed through the slight metamorphism. Slate can supply as building materials and design materials, in ancient times i did so in areas rich in standing tiles. As a natural rock slate, its inherent characteristics allow it to be ideal for bathroom flooring.

Natural slate products like a green building materials, the texture and color in contrast to the granite and marble, to maintain the style characteristics of organic slate, giving the feeling of go back to nature, natural slate and no radiation of its In order to achieve the pursuit of environment protection purposes. Hebei slate is popular in building factories, villas, backyard, home, garden, etc., natural slate effect shown through the coexistence of ancient and contemporary sets, rough and elegance mixed, the overall results reflect the actual personality and taste slate producers.

Slate Crusher Equipment and Mill Machine Manufacturer

Recently, more and more decorative supplies as slate, slate extraction can also be growing, the mining process within the slate, crushing equipment and milling equipment is important equipment, in slate quarry, you can observe the broken equipment and milling gear applications. Our company offers the actual crushing equipment: jaw crusher, effect crusher, cone crusher and cellular crushing station etc.; milling gear includes: ball mill, vertical generator, the European version of T-grinding and so on.

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